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A system to be any system.

Meta-System is

An extensible and modular no-code engine,
built for everyone, free and open-source.

Meta-System frees you, the developer, to work on
what makes your software truly unique.

Just as simple as:

Import your JSON config

Launch your system

Your software is up and running!

Try it out!

Instant Architecture, Zero Hassle

Meta-System handles the heavy lifting of structuring and connecting your software components, ensuring you can effortlessly compose entire systems without ever worrying about intricate software architecture. And it's incredibly easy to get started.

Modular and Extensible

You can add new functionality to your system by using compatible NPM libraries, or even create your own novel solution. All of this without re-building the core.

Purpose Driven

With Meta-System you don't need to fight with the code, just develop your system guided by the problems you want to solve!

Start Building

Free and Open Source

Anyone can use, contribute, or even review Meta-System's code free of charge, forever. Meta-System is built for you, by you.

You'll be in Good Company

Love it so far? Consider supporting Meta-System and claim a spot below.

(And in our hearts)
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