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If you're on this page, you're much ready to start working on something incredible! Is it a brand new system? Or is it the killer package everybody was waiting for? Let's start talking about the possibilities.

Before we proceed, we strongly recommend to read the docs. There you will truly understand the fundamentals.


The authors of the packages/functions and protocols are the responsible for documenting and maintaining what is the behavior, and the API of their modules. If you're an author, There are people who can help you at our discord.

Guides to Creating Systems#

If you're already familiar with the configuration of Meta-System and just need some inspiration, we have some in-depth explanations of configurations at the Tutorials tab.

Guides to Writing Packages and Functions#

You just found yourself wanting your system to do more. The built in functions and what the community has built so far does not suit you well enough. Well, this is your spot, then!

Just start your new repository and install meta-function-helper with npm i -g meta-function-helper and head to the Writing Packages and Functions page.

Guides to Writing Protocols#

Is there a connection you need to make, or another external provider you want to integrate with your systems? It is a protocol you need!

You can start by downloading meta-protocol-helper with npm i -g meta-protocol-helper. Then go to the Writing Protocols page for the next steps.

Guides to Contributing to Meta-System#

If would like to help, you are more than welcome to! There are a couple of ways in which you can help on making Meta-System more awesome, and they are all explained under this documentation page.